Stone Lane Gardens

A National Collection of wild-origin
Birch & Alder

Stone Lane Gardens is the setting for a National Collection of wild-origin Birch and Alder trees. This status has been awarded to our garden by the NCCPG in recognition of the national importance of this unique and comprehensive collection of Birch and Alder; the best of its kind in the UK.

The arboretum is made up of two distinct areas, in all about 5 acres. Firstly, the shady woodland areas with paths, streams, boggy areas and ponds. Here you will find the more interesting underplanting of shrubs and herbacious plants. This view is of Betula utilis var. jacquemontii at the side of one of the paths. The stark, ghostly white bark makes it a very popular ornamental tree.

 These are Betula ermanii, a native of Korea and Japan. Ermanii can grow to a large size for a birch and have very striking bark; normally a creamy yellow-orange. The sharply toothed leaves are ribby and very handsome. Autumn colour is a rich orange.

Bog plants like Rogersia and candelabra Primula (left) and Gunnera manicata (right) love the dappled light and damp ground where the streams flow between the trees. The Gunnera grows to 7 feet !!

The other part of the Arboretum is a more open, grassy slope. The closely grouped copses are mostly birch. Grouped to allow comparison between provinences, within a species. This area is particularly spectacular in Autumn, with a mass yellowing of the leaves.

Birch can look their best in Winter, when the bark peels off in flapping, translucent scrolls. Left: Betula utilis SICH667 from the Szechuan province of China. Right: the very popular orange/pink bark of Betula albosinensis stands out marvellously in the snow. Betula Ermanii behind.

We are open 7 afternoons a week, from 2pm - 6pm. Visits at other times by prior arrangement only.

 Entrance charges:

Garden and Sculpture Exhibition

Adults (incl. senior citizens)


Students (proof required) and children (over 5)


Dogs on leads are welcome.


Disabled Access
The Garden is set on a sloping site, with a level, stony drive leading into the top half of the arboretum; which consists of groupings of trees with grass areas between. This area slopes downhill to the second half of the garden;  which is accessed by narrow paths, some soft, some stone paths and various sets of steps. We only have a standard toilet, but it is at ground level. People who are infirm or with  disabilities can park in our farmyard immediately by the entrance. The main car park is 200 metres up the road from our entrance.

The above information is intended to be informative to those who feel they may have difficulty negotiating the garden. We do not advertise as being suitable for people with walking difficulties, but will make every effort to assist and help you enjoy your visit. If in any doubt, please phone us for a chat. 01647 231311.

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